Supported simulators

mtv is not a commercial tool, and is tested only on simulators that I have access to (these are currently Mentor Questa/ModelSim, Aldec Riviera-PRO, Icarus 10/11, and Vivado). The compiler build is tested by running a large number of Maia programs, which produce a wide range of Verilog output. These simulators produce the correct results for all these tests, albeit with a range of minor differences (in output formatting, UTF-8 support, and so on).

Vivado is tested for 2018.3 and later, and all these versions can be used for functional (non-timing) simulations. However, 2019.x and 2020.x should not be used for timing simulations (you are carrying out a 'timing' simulation if your Maia DUT section includes timing parameters, such as signal setup and hold times).

The big holes in this list are, of course, VCS and Incisive. If you have spare licence time, and you need support, please get in touch.